12 Habits of People Who Always Have A Clean Home

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Ever wonder why some people always seem to have a clean house? No matter what day of the week it is, how busy they are, or how many kids they have, they always seem to have their housecleaning chores under control. If they don’t have a live-in maid service or weekly cleaner, what is their secret? Well, it’s not really a secret – it’s a series of good practices. By implementing several quick, daily cleaning habits that are easy stick with, a well-ordered home can be easily maintained. What are the 12 habits of people who always have a clean home? This article over at “A Debt-Free, Mess-Free Life” will tell you in great detail.

A Debt Free, Mess Free Life is an educational blog on how to get your house in order, in every sense of the term. It’s all about mastering money, starting with home economics and taking it from there. If you’re looking for better ways to manage your finances, pay off debt, and literally clean up your house, this is a fun, honest, and inspiring place to start. Blog creator and author Maureen Campaiola has been through it all – from the depths of credit card debt, foreclosure, and sudden job loss to living debt-free as a successful business owner and certified money specialist. As part of her transformative process, Maureen learned all she could about money, her relationship to it, and what was driving her compulsive spending habits. She also started a cleaning business which helped her learn how to clean up her life from the inside out. Her business, specializing in commercial and residential cleaning services, has now grown to multi six figures. Maureen is an expert on all of the housecleaning tips and tricks you can imagine.

Maureen has raised a daughter and is now and grandmother as well as a loving caregiver to her elderly mom. Maureen is no stranger to chaos and upheaval and knows life can be downright messy, but she also knows how to pull herself out of the rubble and face the most difficult challenges. All of her life experiences have given her great empathy for those in similar situations. She has learned that getting your house and finances in order can help create a solid foundation for anyone – one in which you can grow and flourish. In her blog, she has written key house cleaning articles on how to master your home, including those entitled “10 Daily Tasks That Will Keep Your Home Clean and Organized”, “7 Cleaning Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes”, “Housecleaning Tips for the Domestically Challenged”, and “Unbelievable Uses for the Magic Eraser You Don’t Know About”, as well as “12 Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home”.

After mastering the quick, easy, and simple principles discussed in these house cleaning blog posts, you will be well on your way to mastering the real-life messes in your home. And when it comes to financial house cleaning, Maureen’s blog addresses this as well – with articles like, “11 Habits of People Who Are Debt Free”, “The Joy of Saving,” and “Commonly Forgotten Budget Expenses You’ll Want to Include.”

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