2 Ingredient Hard Water Stain Remover

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As we do not all get to have the luxury of professional cleaning services for our window cleaning services or our house cleaning services, we need to rely on our elbow grease to get the job done. Window cleaning can be a challenge, and if you have hard water you know, there is a hard water residue that builds up on surfaces. Water is an unusual ingredient in that we both use it to clean up stains, and yet it can stain things itself. This is an easy two ingredient window cleaning tip that will have your windows looking like new again. There is nothing more annoying on a sunny day then not being able to look out of your windows. This easy window cleaning tip will save you money from having to hire window cleaning services.

Here, we offer you a two ingredient hard water stain remover that will help you remove stains caused by water. Water can be described as hard water or soft water. There is also something called heavy water, but that is not what we mean here. Hard water means water that still contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Soft water does not contain those elements. There is nothing wrong with calcium and magnesium, and it certainly won't hurt you to drink hard water or use it in your household. It can even act as a supplement for calcium and magnesium. Hard water can cause problems with some machinery. For example, coffee aficionados would never use hard water to brew their java. And in industrial settings, it can be possible for hard water to cause significant problems.

You know that you have hard water in your home because the water does not work up the lather with soaps and detergents. If you have a swimming pool, hard water will keep the pool water cloudy until you restore the ph balance. As well, you will likely find tell tale white powdery marks and lines in and on your kettle or your espresso maker and other machines that use water. You may even see it in your plants where the scale will often sit on the surface of the soil turning it white.It can often be easy to counteract the action of hard water. In fact, many detergents today include elements that will counteract the problem of hard water. If you remember your grandmother adding baking soda to the laundry, then she may have been addressing a hard water problem. Baking soda, a miracle ingredient that every household should keep plenty of, has been used for many purposes including improving the lathering capacity of hard water and soaps and detergents. Hard water often also results in a scum on shower walls or the glass. That can be hard to get rid. This website offers a great window cleaning recipe to help you address this issue if you have hard water smearing up the glass in your household that will give you great results as if you had called in professional cleaning services or window cleaning services.

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