Capture the Dust Bunnies

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Summer is fast approaching. Even if itís still not quite warm enough where you are to dawn your summer gear, you can tell just by the simple fact that the days are getting longer. Longer days means more sunlight. And more sunlight means less places for dust to hide. Letís capture those dust bunnies.

Letís also stop calling them dustbunnies. Bunnies are cute, and furry and hilariously eat carrots out of your hand. Dustbunnies are grey, horrendous clumps of household detrius that need to be eradicated, fast. They should be called dust rats, or dust bombs, something less adorable. The winter hid that nasty dust, but now, with all that sunlight filtering through our windows, itís rearing itís ugly head. If you ever walk through the door and sun is filtering through your living room air, so dense with dust that it looks like a crypt scene from an Indiana Jones movie, the follow should help you out.

Specifically, it should help you dust off those pesky, hard to reach fan blades that you ultimtaely end up having to be either eye level with, or directly under in order to get at. As soon as you bring that duster to the blade you are awash in a cloud of dust. You turn your head away, and close your eyes, but are you really doing a good job of getting rid of that ugly grey film? Definitely not. There is a dust cleaning tip, especially for fans, that it quite intuitive and not at all complicated. It involves a pillowcase. An ordinary, linen closet pillow case. No, you donít put it over your head and then dust, you use it TO dust.

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