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We’ve all been there with a smelly sink that emanates across the entire kitchen. It’s easy to understand why, considering how much use the kitchen sink goes through every day and the fact it is always in contact with food. The food gets caught in the drain and lingers, producing a rotten smell that is difficult to get rid of. Simply cleaning the kitchen sink won’t get rid of it, and the daily contact with soapy dishwater won’t either. Luckily, Kim, the author of Thrifty Little Mom lifestyle blog, has the answer to cleaning the kitchen sink so that the smell goes away. The good news is that her method for how to clean the kitchen sink is so easy, it can be implemented every few weeks along with your other kitchen chores.

Kim has come up with the ultimate kitchen cleaner, which she uses on the kitchen drain, but can be implemented in other areas, too. By combining vinegar, baking soda and water, you can relieve the smell of the kitchen drain, while also removing built-up food from the drain in a natural, safe way. Natural baking soda is the best cleaning product because when it is combined with vinegar, there is a chemical reaction which causes it to foam. The foaming is what pulls grease and other residues from the drain. Baking soda is also an abrasive material, which can be rubbed against stained areas. If you are wondering how to clean kitchen sink that has a lot of stains on the surface, a mixture of natural baking soda and a wet cloth will work well to remove them. The vinegar is another excellent cleaning product because it is antibacterial due to the high amount of acid in it. Don’t use good-quality cooking vinegar, though, since they are more expensive. A cleaning vinegar will work wonders since it is cheap and has a higher level of acid.

Once you have your kitchen drain stench-free, consider implementing Kim’s cleaning tip in other areas of your home. This method can work on any drain in the home, whether it is the laundry sink drain, shower drain or ones in the bathroom sinks. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar can become your all-purpose cleaning solution as well because it will freshen and sanitize wherever you use it. Simply use the mixture to wipe down kitchen counters and appliances to remove stains and streaks. Cleaning your home will become so much easier and safer when you have an eco-friendly, chemical-free mixture to use within the home.

Vinegar can have an overwhelming scent on its own, but Kim has a solution for it. If you love the smell of other cleaning products, you can add essential oils, like lavender or lemon, to the mixture to help cover up the vinegar and freshen the scent of the kitchen. You could also light a scented candle after cleaning the drain if you don't have essential oils, which will cover the vinegar scent until it disappears completely.

Thank you to Kim, the author of Thrifty Little Mom recipe blog, for sharing her article on how to clean a kitchen sink.

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