How a Professional Cleans Window Sills

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Window sills are often a neglected area in homes, but can collect plenty of dust from windows being left open, and require our attention. If you aren’t sure how to go about cleaning your window sills, usually running a damp cloth over the area will do the trick, but for those who either don’t have the time or require a more thorough cleaning, this may not be enough. If you find you need someone to do a more extensive time than you have time for, hiring professional cleaning services may be in the cards for you. Often, these companies only have official offers for window cleaning, but the Mini Mops website blogger, Michele, informs her readers that they will accommodate other varieties of cleaning, like window sills, screens, or window tracks, which are often neglected.

If you wanted cleaner windows and less dust in your home, cleaning windows and sills is an excellent job to add to your list. Window cleaning services will clean the windows efficiently from top to bottom by dusting screens, washing the sills, and cleaning the tracks, which will return your window sills to new. An efficient cleaning company may even take everything apart and clean the screens separately from the framed window. If you don’t feel like hiring any professional services, rest assured you can do the job yourself and very efficiently. All you require is a cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water to get the job done for the window sills. You can wipe the sills down to remove dust and mold, and dry them off. Cleaning the window tracks is the most challenging part because of the hard-to-reach places. For this task, you will want to use the hose portion of your vacuum, a q-tip or old toothbrush, some vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and some paper towels. First, use your vacuum hose to remove as much dirt from the tracks as possible. You will want to settle the hose in more challenging areas to pick up the most stubborn amounts of dust. Next, you can spray with the moist vinegar mixture and wipe it out with the paper towels. If there are any particularly stubborn bits of dirt, the q-tip or toothbrush will help you get to them; just keep reapplying the vinegar until all the dirt is removed.

This same vinegar and water solution would work just as well for cleaning window glass, as it does for cleaning the tracks. Just spray the mixture on the windows and use a rubber squeegee to clean them from top to bottom. Professional cleaners will clean with a squeegee because it is the most effective method of cleaning windows. When you choose to rub windows with a cloth, often the dirt stays in one place, whereas you use a squeegee and sweep from the top of the window to the bottom, all the dirt will be collecting in one spot that you can remove with a paper towel at the very end. Thank you to Michele, at the Minimops website, for sharing professional cleaners methods for cleaning window sills.**

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