How to Clean that Icky Broom Easy and Fast

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Okay, so maybe you are one of those people that does not get grossed out by things like this, but I am not. I find that I can have all the best intentions in the world for cleaning my house, but then when it gets down to the nitty gritty I get 'icked' out by the little things like after sweeping cleaning off the lint and hair and particles from the broom head. Perhaps you live out on a farm or with a big back yard, and so like I used to do, you just went outside and banged the broom real good and without having to touch the end of the broom it all came flying off and into mother nature. I loved this method.

Now I live in a city apartment and so you can't just go banging your broom in nature like I once could. So, when I most recently swept my house and again was faced with the icky stuff at the end of the broom I finally came up with a solution that is easy and works.

Once you are all done sweeping, get 2 sheets of paper towel (so it is thick) and get it a little bit wet with water. Keep the paper towel as wide as possible and now use this damp paper towel to grab the lint/hair etc off the end of the broom head. Ta dah! It works so easily and more quicker than using bare hands for this job, and if the 'ick' factor is similar for you, this will be a lot better. If you really must, I supposed you could put on some cleaning gloves too, but I did not find that I had to with this easy damp paper towel method.

Happy cleaning!

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