How to Clean Your Kitchen and Bathroom Fast

Photo Credit: YouTube - Jeff Patterson

Cleaning tile grout in your bathroom shower or floor is usually a tedious task, but Jeff Patterson’s video, on his youtube channel, ‘The Home Repair Tutor’, has an excellent invention to get the job done. His bathroom cleaning hacks can be applied to the kitchen as well and is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places, like tile grout or sink drains. Jeff’s easy method for cleaning kitchen and bathrooms involve attaching a brush to a drill, so that when you turn on the drill, the brush moves at high speed, cleaning your grout, tiles, or drains. With Jeff’s ingenious method for cleaning difficult places in your home, cleaning your bathroom and kitchen will become a breeze.

Bathtub cleaning is often the most difficult type of cleaning in your bathroom because soapy grime adheres to the sides of the bathtub and shower very well. The brush Jeff uses, will be soft enough not to scratch the finish on your bathtub, but also work hard enough to remove any built-on dirt in your tub. The way how to clean a bathtub will never be as easy as using a soap dispensing brush that can cut through the grime on your bathtub and shower, and by attaching the brush to a drill, the brush will move a lightening speed making it an efficient tool for all your bathroom cleaning needs. The drill and brush idea can extend well beyond this, however, and be used for cleaning your bathtub taps and showerhead as well.

If you have extremely severe build-up in your shower or tub, it may take a little more effort than the drill and brush to remove the grime, although the drill will be a useful tool in all your bathroom cleaning endeavours. Jeff indicates that using a mixture of Oxiclean and water is one of the most effective ways of removing dirt from tile grout when paired with the drill and brush. Oxiclean is a product that does extremely well at removing stains and Oxiclean has several products from laundry supplies to household cleaners to help you get your jobs done. It is a chemical cleaning product, however, so if you feel better about a natural cleaning product, consider trying a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, then spraying it on the grout or whatever surfaces need cleaning. The chemical reaction will cause the mixture to foam and break down stains easily.

If you don’t own a drill, don’t worry, since you can purchase some varieties for reasonable pricing and it would be an excellent investment for more traditional household tasks like hanging pictures. You could even borrow a drill from a neighbour or family member while sharing with them this unique bathroom cleaning trick. Many hardware stores will also give you the option of renting a drill for a reasonable fee. Thank you to Jeff Patterson, the videographer of the ‘Home Repair Tutor’ video blog, for sharing his method for how to clean your kitchen and bathroom fast. **

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