The Lazy Persons Guide To Happy Home Cleaning

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

This feature article we stumbled across and just had to share it! The pictures alone caught our attention. Cleaning the house is for the majority of people NOT fun. Yes, we all know some people that love, love, love to clean and they have these meticulous homes with everything in its place and looks like you walked into a magazine ad.

There are some pretty great tips and ideas in the article. I can totally relate with the techniques suggested. Facing the whole house and all the messy areas all at one time can be so overwhelming that you don't even bother to start.

I like their 'clean by task' instead of room method. Whether it is an apartment, condo or house dwelling each area seems to 'catch' a lot of stuff and a lot of dust. The suggestion of dusting more than one area makes good sense. You already have the dust rag in your hand so why not breeze through them all? In truth, I haven't done this, and I have been more of a one room at a time type of person, consequently, the living area will see the dust rag a lot more than the bedrooms do. Next dusting mission for me will be to do more rooms all at once. I can imagine this would make you feel pretty great in side knowing you at least got that accomplished!

The audio book idea is also great. Just like the good old days of 'stories being heard by listening to the radio'. Making it more fun and having some mental distractions will certainly make the tasks less tedious.

You will most certainly want to go the Apartment Therapy website below and read lots more ideas for those of us that are well maybe not actually Lazy, but certainly could use some sneaky cleaning tips!

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